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Promotion for Young Enterprises in Developing and Emerging Countries

With the Up-scaling Programme, DEG finances investments of  young companies that want to expand their innovative business model in developing and emerging countries and thus create positive development effects for the local population.

Prerequisite: the market and target group should have a high growth potential and the company should have the necessary knowledge and personnel to be able to expand its core business accordingly. DEG provides funds of 500,000 euros for this purpose, which account for a maximum of 50 percent of the total investment volume and must be repaid in the event of success.

Another prerequisite for the approval of such funding is a pilot phase in which the technology and the business model must prove themselves on the local market: this means that the first customers exist and products or services have already been sold. With a business plan, the young companies must credibly demonstrate that they can repay the Up-scaling funds within five years.

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