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Promotional Programmes for Foreign Projects and Investments

Helping to shape development is an opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises. Not all SMEs are the same. That's why there are government programs for established and also for young companies - in Germany, Europe and in developing countries and emerging markets.

Logo Partners in Transformation - develoPPP

develoPPP: Cross-sector Support Programme

With develoPPP, the BMZ is promoting the involvement of the private sector where entrepreneurial opportunities and the need for development policy action meet.

DEG: Up-Scaling

With the Up-Scaling programme, DEG is supporting investments by young companies that are expanding their innovative business model in developing and emerging countries.

lab of tomorrow

In the lab of tomorrow, companies from Europe and partner countries jointly develop economic and sustainable solutions for concrete problems.

Senior Experts Service (SES)

The Senior Experts Service (SES) sends experts and executives on a voluntary basis to developing and emerging countries.

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