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Know-how transfer of German Associations and Chambers

German chambers and associations are important partners in German development cooperation. The focus is on advising other chambers and associations in the foreign partner countries. These are supported in order to better represent the local economy in the long-term and to strengthen practice-oriented education and training.

An institutional partnership between the business community in Germany and in developing or emerging countries is always a strategic decision: it should be long-term and cooperative in order to transfer knowledge and improve the framework conditions in the partner countries. The Agency for Business and Economic Development supports German chambers and associations in developing ideas for future projects. The practical implementation of the projects takes place within the framework of various programmes through the non-profit development organisation sequa gGmbH.

Through the transfer of knowledge, the chambers and associations in the partner countries can better fulfill their role as representatives of the local business community and thus in turn provide more needs-based support to local companies. The internationally active member companies of the German chambers and associations also benefit from the institutional cooperation in the medium and long term: in the partner countries, structures are established, processes optimised, services developed - in short, the framework conditions for projects and investments are also improved.

KVP Programme: Partnerships for Chambers and Associations

In the context of the Chamber and Association Partnership Programme (KVP), the German business community cooperates with chambers and associations in partner countries. It contributes its competencies and know-how to support the development of the private sector. This is done through the institutional strengthening of local institutions - both as providers of business-related services and as stakeholders of small and medium-sized enterprises. First and foremost, the aim is to support local chambers and to develop certain services such as trade fair promotion, vocational education and training or offers for start-ups. In this way, local chambers can generate income, establish themselves sustainably and provide targeted support for their members on the ground.  
The development organisation of German business, sequa, implements chamber and association partnerships with BMZ funding.

BMZ also has a partnership for international cooperation with the Sparkassenstiftung für internationale Kooperation e.V.. Within this framework, Sparkassenstiftung cooperates with German saving banks to strengthen those financial institutions in developing and emerging countries that promote local economic and social development through demand-oriented banking services. 

The current partner countries of the special initiative are Ethiopia, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia and Rwanda. Egypt is to be added shortly.

    • Organisational development of local partner organisations,
    • Development of services for enterprises,
    • Support in advocacy for better economic framework conditions.
    • The Chamber and Business Association Partnership Programme (KVP) is implemented through sequa gGmbH and Sparkassenstiftung and funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Vocational Education and Training Partnerships: a Model of Practice-oriented Education and Training

The Vocational Education and Training Partnerships (BBP) aims to improve vocational education and training in cooperation countries. Practice-oriented qualification and the catering of initial and continuing training to the needs of the local labour market contribute to economic development in the partner countries.

The aim of the BBP projects is to support partner countries in the sense of greater participation of the local economy and higher practical orientation of initial and continuing vocational education and training. To this end, the projects use the VET know-how of German chambers and associations as well as their VET institutions. These support selected partner organisations such as vocational schools, chambers and associations in introducing practice- and demand-oriented VET locally.

Here, the dual training system in Germany serves as a model that is adapted to local conditions.

    • Improving the organisational structure of vocational training institutions
    • Improving training content and methods
    • Introduction of practice-oriented pilot training courses in new occupational fields
    • Advising partner institutions on the development of qualification and examination standards

The development organisation of German industry, sequa, implements the vocational education and training partnerships with funding from the BMZ.

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Launch of New Special Programme PartnerAfrica

The BMZ has launched the Special Initiative "Decent Work for a Just Transition" with Africa's reforming countries. The aim is to strengthen the conditions for private investment and create better employment opportunities for the fast-growing, young population in Africa.

The Special Initiative is being implemented in eight African countries: Egypt, Ethiopia, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Morocco, Rwanda, Senegal and Tunisia. 

With the new PartnerAfrica programme, the BMZ has opened up the Special Initiative to projects by chambers and associations. Projects to be funded should either contribute to business-oriented vocational training, reduce investment barriers for companies or improve the advisory services offered by local chambers for companies, and should be geared as far as possible to the priority sectors and business locations of the Special Initiative. Close cooperation with enterprises is desired.

German Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Chamber of Crafts and business associations can propose projects for the new special programme PartnerAfrica. The application and implementation are carried out by sequa.

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ARCHIPELAGO: An African and European Initiative for Vocational Training

ARCHIPELAGO is a new vocational training programme that strengthens the employability of the workforce and the entrepreneurial capacities of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the twelve target countries of the Sahel and Lake Chad region. The approach is an institutional one: European chambers, associations and educational institutions network with African chambers, associations and educational institutions in order to impart important knowledge and skills to young people, oriented towards the needs of the labour market and in close cooperation with the private sector. This training is to take place both in vocational training centres and in the workplace. Promoting employment through needs-oriented training is an important contribution to socio-economic stabilisation in the partner countries.

ARCHIPELAGO is an EU-funded programme and is organised with a total of two to three calls for proposals to select, support and fund relevant partnership projects that contribute to the programme objective. Each partnership project will last 20 to 32 months and have a budget of 400,000 to 600,000 euros.
The programme was developed by sequa together with EUROCHAMBRES, the association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and CPCCAF, the association of Francophone Chambers in Africa and Europe.

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sequa gGmbH: Partner of German Economy

sequa gGmbH is a globally active, non-profit development organisation. It has been organising international cooperation programmes and projects in close cooperation with the German business community since 1991. Its shareholders are the four umbrella organisations of German business: the Confederation of German Employers' Associations (BDA), the Federation of German Industries (BDI), the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce (DIHK) and the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts (ZDH), and since 2010 also the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH. sequa thus combines the know-how and networks of German business and German development cooperation. In the programmes, it works closely with its shareholders and their members.

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