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AGYLE - Shaping Innovation

AGYLE - African German Young Leaders in Business connects German and African young leaders who develop sustainable business ideas in exciting design thinking labs. It is a programme that helps to innovatively shape the future of Germany and Africa.

Through the direct encounter and cooperation of the participants, the German-African dialogue is strengthened and a foundation stone for new economic cooperation is laid down.
In an innovative design thinking lab, new approaches to solutions and business models for social, societal and economic challenges are designed.

Networking pays off - Africa's young start-up scene is dynamic

A dynamic start-up scene and a young, up-and-coming generation of leaders: Africa is a highly diverse continent with numerous opportunities and potentials. Not only does it harbour a wealth of resources and a growing middle class, but it is also home to a young generation that is turning their continent into an outstanding economic partner and future market with remarkable entrepreneurial spirit.  

Through a thriving start-up and tech scene, the natural use of digital communication tools, new cryptocurrencies and mobile payment services - Africa's young elite are hitting the international stage with high innovative power and dynamism.

Young and creative leaders from hotspots in Berlin, Accra, Kigali, Addis Ababa and Tunis are jointly creating impulses for innovation and economic growth - in Africa as well as in Germany. This is how the challenges of the future can be mastered in a solution-oriented approach.

"Green Innovation" – young leaders tackling climate change - The 2022 Annual Theme

Encompassing business, society and politics, climate change is one of the most pressing challenges of our time. Today, young business leaders in particular have the responsibility and the opportunity to actively contribute to addressing climate change and shaping a future worth living in – be it by developing innovative solutions and green technologies in key industries or by being young leaders who embrace responsibility and sustainability in thought and deed.

The focus of the 2022 AGYLE programme is therefore on cross-border ideas and visions of young leaders who, despite their different backgrounds, are faced with the same global challenges. Because climate change can only be tackled if a new generation of leaders works together to create innovative projects, solutions and business models.

Please note:

It is not a mandatory requirement for participants to come from a green industry or have previous experience in implementing climate-related projects. Rather, AGYLE is looking for individuals seeking to contribute to addressing the global issue of climate change – with a sustainable mindset and in collaboration with others.

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