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Our Free Advisory Services

The Helpdesk on Business & Human Rights: We support you in integrating human rights due diligence in your core business processes.

Do you have questions about the implementation of environmental and social standards along your supply and value chain? Are you looking to integrate corporate responsibility more actively into your core business? The Helpdesk on Business & Human Rights is here to help.

The Helpdesk on Business & Human Rights is a free support service of the German Federal Government. We advise companies of all sizes individually, confidentially and free of charge on the topic of human rights due diligence. Our experienced advisors serve as a point of contact for initial advice and referrals, and help you to shape your corporate actions in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

We are happy to support you with:

  • strategic sustainability considerations
  • identifying human rights risks 
  • implementing appropriate measures 
  • communicating your progress 
  • establishing effective grievance mechanisms

Specifically, we offer:

  1. Ad hoc advice (by phone & email): For questions on corporate due diligence, environmental and social standards and current legal developments.
  2. Scoping (including on-site): Helping companies identify existing due diligence processes, gaps in implementation and prioritisation of measures.
  3. Sparring partnership: Longer-term support for companies and their change processes in the area of sustainability
  4. Project support: Funding and financing advice for your project in order to improve environmental and social standards in developing and emerging countries.
  5. Referral advice: Connecting companies with other sector- and topic-specific as well as local support services and initiatives.

Are you interested in a confidential initial consultation? Our experienced advisors are available to answer your questions. Find out how you can integrate human rights due diligence in your core business processes.

Our Online Tools for Implementing Corporate Due Diligence

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CSR Risik Check

Would you like to know what CSR risks potentially exist along your supply and value chains The CSR Risk Check provides information on potential risks along your supply and value chain as well as advice on mitigation measures.

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SME Compass

Do you work for an SME hoping to implement corporate due diligence processes along your supply and value chain? With specific instructions, tips and practical aids, the SME Compass navigates companies step by step through the five pillars of due diligence based on the German NAP.

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