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CSR Risk Check

The CSR Risk Check is an online tool by MVO to assess the local human rights situation as well as environmental, social and governance issues.

The CSR Risk Check is free of charge and freely accessible. It provides information on challenges and possible solutions to the above-mentioned topics and suggests additional information sources.

Based on the information you provide, individually tailored information on relevant risks as well as advice on appropriate remedial measures is provided. The information can be downloaded as a .pdf document.

The CSR Risk Check is available here in German. For the English version, please visit the corresponding page of MVO Nederland.

Select a product

Select a product or component/raw material of a product you manufacture or purchase, or a service you provide. You can select multiple products and services.

Edit product/service

Select the country/region of origin

Pay attention to the origin of the product or raw material when importing. Select the place of origin (production, extraction) and not the country where you bought it. When exporting, only specify the destination country. You can select multiple countries at the same time.

Edit country

MVO User Account and Feedback (optional)

If you create an account, you can save your results immediately and receive a notification when the information on your product-country selection changes.


For the evaluation, your entries (steps 1 and 2) and, if applicable, personal data (step 3) will be forwarded to the owner of the CSR Risk Check - MVO Nederlands – and treated confidentially. The following privacy policy applies: Disclaimer and Privacy Policy.

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