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Our Event Formats

Are you looking to exchange views with other companies, business associations, civil society and governmen departments on sustainability issues? Stay informed about upcoming events!

At our events, we keep you up to date on the latest political and legal developments and inform you about topics such as sustainability management, human rights due diligence processes, CSR and many more! 

Our Exclusive Event Formats for You

All events take place under Chatham House Rule and provide a platform for confidential discussion. The next section offers a deeper insight into individual event formats:

Berlin Breakfast: Business & Human Rights - Exchange between Business & Politics

Business meets politics at the Berlin Breakfast! Companies have a platform for direct exchange with government departments and business associations. For example, you can discuss any challenges in implementing environmental and social standards, work together on solutions and ensure mutual understanding.

So far, discussions have taken place on topics such as implementing the core elements of the German National Action Plan on Business & Human Rights (NAP), the NAP monitoring and the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on global supply chains.

Peer-to-Peer Workshop: Business & Human Rights - Exchange between companies

The Peer-to-Peer Workshop provides the setting for confidential exchange in a small group format with around 15 representatives of other companies. A multi-faceted and informal exchange on corporate experiences in implementing due diligence processes is guaranteed. This event format offers the opportunity to network with different companies and to learn from each other.

To date, the Peer-to-Peer Workshop has two series on the topics "Communication as the key to success" and "Working Conditions".  

Roundtable: Business & Human Rights - Exchange between businesses & NGOs

The Roundtable brings together companies and stakeholders from civil society to explore effective cooperation and partnerships across the value chain. A successful partnership between NGOs and companies allows for transparency regarding human rights risks along the value chain. Learn from experiences and exchange ideas with representatives from civil society and the private sector.

Topics discussed so far include partnerships between NGOs and businesses to successfully implement the German NAP, strengthening human rights due diligence in the automotive and food industries, and the elimination of child labour.

Information on upcoming Events

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