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Our Training Portfolio

We provide support as you create your own training materials and offer individual training sessions for companies on human rights due diligence.

Would you like to provide training to your employees or suppliers on human rights due diligence? Or are you looking for a sparring partner as you set up your own training programmes? You have come to the right place!

The Helpdesk on Business & Human Rights offers companies a free and customised training package that helps to actively establish human rights due diligence processes in core business processes. Our training offer includes:

NEW: Online Course - Business and Human Rights

You work in a company and would like to train yourself or your employees independently on the topic of business and human rights? Take advantage of our e-learning course on "Business & Human Rights"! It will help you understand the relevance of human rights in a business context and give you the first steps, tools and resources to start implementing them. Now available in German and English.

Would you like to try out the course? You can get a free activation code by contacting the .

Support as you create your own training materials

Have you prepared an initial concept or training materials and need feedback from experts? We support you in creating your own training materials for employees or suppliers on human rights.

Individual Training Sessions

Find out about methods and tools for implementing human rights due diligence processes in interactive and practical training sessions for relevant target groups in your company. In addition to introductory formats, we offer in-depth modules tailored to specific target groups (e.g. procurement, compliance) or topics (e.g. risk analysis, grievance management).

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