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Are you looking for strong partners? Get to know numerous unions, associations and organisations that can support you with information, experience and contacts.

Contacts Around the World

The Business Scouts for Development function as a network at the interface between business and development cooperation.

Foreign Trade Consultancy

Companies need up-to-date and reliable data and information for the preparation and strategic orientation of their foreign engagement. Chambers, associations and institutions can provide it - often free of charge.

Sector Initiatives and Alliances

Sector initiatives and alliances know the needs of their members and offer tailor-made information and contacts.


Specialists and managers from abroad or with experience abroad are an enrichment for companies. Internationally experienced staff can be found under Initiatives and Programmes.

National Associations

They know the markets, the mentality and have a wide range of contacts: national associations are valuable partners for companies with foreign business and expansion plans.

Sustainability Initiatives and Tools

Sustainability is a complex topic, especially when companies cooperate with developing and emerging countries. Companies can find support for their sustainability commitment in initiatives and alliances.

Specific Business and Cooperation Opportunities shows business potentials of development cooperation and creates contacts to experts on site.

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