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National Associations are Partners and Door Openers

For German companies with trade or investment interests in certain regions, national associations are valuable partners. Being close to the markets, they have a wealth of information and a wide range of contacts.

German-African Business Association

The German-African Business Association has represented and supported German companies and institutions interested in economic cooperation with African countries for over 85 years. As an excellently networked link, the foreign trade association has many members and promotes exchange between German and African representatives from business and politics, helping small and medium-sized enterprises, in particular, to enter African markets. Services for members include information on countries and markets as well as current economic and political events in Africa, establishing contacts through the association's network and representing interests at home and abroad.

German-African Business Association

Euro-Mediterranean-Arab Association e.V.

The Euro-Mediterranean-Arab Association e.V. is a national association of German business. It promotes cooperation and international understanding between Germany, Europe and the Mediterranean and Middle East regions. As a trans-national and cross-sectoral organisation, the EMA links business, politics and science. Association members benefit from the EMA's knowledge of the sales and procurement markets in the Mediterranean and Middle East regions. The association informs companies about business opportunities in the region, promotes the establishment of lasting partnerships and advises member companies on the implementation of their plans. The EMA's services include regional and country-specific forums, the implementation of its own projects, and the production of specialist publications and market studies.

Euro-Mediterranean-Arab Association e. V.

Ghorfa Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry e. V

The Ghorfa Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry e. V. represents all Arab chambers of commerce and industry in the Federal Republic of Germany. For more than 40 years, it has successfully promoted economic relations between Germany and Arab countries and is the first point of contact for companies when it comes to Arab-German economic issues. Tailored to the special needs and wishes of small and medium-sized as well as large businesses, Ghorfa advises and supports the establishment and expansion of cross-border business relations. For this purpose, it provides useful information, gives competent advice, sets new impulses and networks member companies. The core tasks of Ghorfa thus lie in the areas of networking, consulting as well as the transfer of information and knowledge.

Ghorfa Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry e. V.

Association for Latin America (LAV)

The LAV – Association for Latin America (Lateinamerika Verein e.V.) is the business network and information platform for German businesses interested in Latin America, and it has been for over a hundred years. The association supports companies from all sectors in establishing and expanding their business activities in Latin America and the Caribbean. It also promotes economic, political and social relations between Germany and the countries of the region. 
Some of the core tasks of the LAV include transfering knowledge and helping decision-makers form an opinion on latin american issues. The association promotes and conducts professional meetings, establishes networking grounds between economic counterparts, deepens connections between decision-makers and is part of the Latin America Initiative of German Business (LAI).

Association for Latin America (LAV)

German Near and Middle East Association

The German Near and Middle East Association (NUMOV) is Germany's oldest and largest service provider for supporting relations with the Near and Middle East. The association represents the interests of German business in the countries of the entire Near and Middle East region.
During delegation trips, members have the opportunity to establish contacts with companies and build successful partnerships. Country-specific round tables are held two to three times a month and a large German Near and Middle East Gala Event is held once a year. The German Near and Middle East Association informs its members daily about current economic developments in the region and publishes specialized publications and market studies, also through the German Orient Institute, which is part of the association and Europe's oldest private academic institute. The association works closely with embassies, various federal ministries and the Federal Foreign Office as well as with its many local partners.

German Near and Middle East Associations

German Asia-Pacific Business Association

The German Asia-Pacific Business Association (OAV) is a foreign trade association that promotes economic relations between the countries of the Asia-Pacific region and Germany. The association has a large number of members and works across all sectors. It is one of the five supporting associations of the Asia-Pacific Committee of German Business (APA). The OAV informs both experienced Asian companies and newcomers to the market about economic and political events in Asia, organises events and represents the interests of its members. The OAV publishes the Asia-Pacific Business Handbook (as well as other publications) once a year. As a business association, the OAV is in close contact with the German government, the governments and embassies of Asian countries, as well as with associations and non-governmental organisations.

German Asia-Pacific Business Association

German Eastern Business Association

The German Eastern Business Association (OAOEV) is the regional initiative of German business for 29 countries in Central Europe, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the Southern Caucasus and Central Asia. The association is supported by leading German business associations such as BDI and DIHK. The task of the foreign trade association is to promote economic relations between Germany and the region. The OAOEV supports its numerous member companies through high-level talks with government representatives and delegation trips. It provides up-to-date business information, helps with market entry and accompanies projects. The OAOEV is committed to reducing trade and investment barriers. It promotes legal certainty and transparency and advocates the creation of a common economic space.

German Eastern Business Association

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