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Important Business Sectors

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Ukraine is seen as Europe’s breadbasket. The agricultural sector is one of the most important branches of the country’s economy. Despite the war, Ukraine continues to produce more agricultural products than it needs for its domestic market.

The agricultural sector: More information


Rebuilding the Ukrainian energy sector is one of the most urgent tasks facing the Ukrainian government. On the one hand, damage caused to the existing electricity supply grid and other energy infrastructures, such as the district heating system, thermal power stations and transmission grids must be repaired. On the other hand, the country offers extensive resources for renewable energies. Ukraine has enormous potential to become an energy exporter after the war is over.

The energy sector: Important stakeholders at a glance


Due to the massive destruction of buildings and infrastructure, there is an enormous demand for construction services. For reconstruction, the Ukrainian government does not want to and cannot wait until after the war. Important infrastructure must be restored quickly, and new housing must be built. In the reconstruction process, it is focusing on the energy-efficient refurbishment of the existing building stock.

The construction sector: Important stakeholders at a glance

IT und Communications

Thanks to low costs and well-trained IT specialists, Ukraine remains an attractive location for the outsourcing of programming services. With growth of ten per cent in the year 2022, this is Ukraine’s only export industry working at full capacity in times of war.

The ITC sector: business federations and services at a glance


The Ukrainian government plans to comprehensively restore and modernize the country's healthcare system after the end of the war. In the short term, makeshift hospitals are to provide relief; in the medium term, the construction of modular hospitals is planned. Ukraine is orienting itself to European standards and is working to harmonize laws and technical regulations with EU standards.

The health sector: All important stakeholders at a glance

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