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Globus aus Glas wird gehalten

Roundtable: Improving water-related financial disclosure

Runder Tisch
Do, 18.03.2021

Tools and good Practice 

Availability of and access to adequate water resources have direct implications for companies’ operations and supply chains. Additionally, water-related risks are already materialising, affecting operational and financial performance, with climate change already exacerbating these impacts.

At present, there is an information deficit for stakeholders and investors on the reporting of water-related risks and opportunities, particularly in the mainstream corporate report. The shortfall in high quality, decision-useful and material water-related information means that investors are unable to allocate capital that can effectively instigate change and ensure resiliency across economies and societies. 

In this thriving and dynamic context CDSB, CDP and WWF are organizing a roundtable to help deepen German companies’ understanding of how to improve the quality, comparability and coherence of water, climate, and environmental disclosures to aid decision-usefulness as well as how to enhance their existing knowledge on water-related risks and related financial impacts.

If interested, please register at this link or by email to . Conference details will follow via email a few days before the event. 

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