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Green Hydrogen: Latin America Strategies

Di, 22.06.2021

As part of our series on hydrogen, this event is jointly organized by the Agency for Business and Economic Development (AWE) and the Association for Latin America (LAV).

Following up on an earlier event in March that focused on technology, this session will take a closer look on hydrogen strategies. Against the backdrop of the EU Commission’s Green Deal, green hydrogen production is framed as a key pillar of decarbonization today. How are Latin American countries pushing the hydrogen issue? The region has large renewable energy resources, which are key in the production of green hydrogen. Chile published its hydrogen strategy last October. Ever more Latin American countries are creating favorable political and economic conditions for production. Why and how do Mexico and Argentina want to produce hydrogen? What opportunities are there for (German) suppliers of the technologies? And what about the financing of hydrogen projects in general?

Moderated by Veronica Vukasovic at GIZ Chile, we are looking forward to welcome the following speakers on our digital panel:
•    Madeline Ruid, Americas Power & Renewables Analyst Fitch Solutions 
•    Juan Carlos Bolcich, President of the Argentine Hydrogen Association (AAH) 
•    Tobias Gehrke, Director Americas Fichtner GmbH & Co KG 
•    Israel Hurtado, President of the Mexican Hydrogen Association 

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