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Di, 30.03.2021

Increasing Women’s Financial Inclusion in Africa

New challenges continuously emerge and the COVID-19 pandemic is now threatening to reverse decades of collective effort with its disproportionate impact on women. Therefore, as the world is looking for ways out of the crisis and devising strategies to build back better, accelerating women’s financial inclusion and economic equity must be front and center. 

So how can we ensure a gender smart, inclusive and sustainable recovery in Europe, Africa and beyond? What are the most significant systemic and structural barriers faced by women that limit their access to financial services and how can we overcome them? What needs to be done to ensure that necessary framework conditions and regulations are in place? And as the old, analog financial system is being replaced by a digital one, what opportunities do new technologies, such as mobile money and crypto currencies, offer for women in low- and middle-income countries? 

Discuss these questions in more detail at the next virtual GP Salon on the occasion of the launch of the Generation Equality Forum in Mexico (29-31 March 2021), a global civil society event that aims to mobilize for urgent action towards gender parity and to increase concrete engagement for women’s economic equality and rights. The discussion will take place in English.

Short biographies of the speakers can be downloaded here.

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The event is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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