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Online Seminar: Implementing Human Rights and Environmental Due Diligence

Menschenrechtliche SorgfaltInformationsveranstaltung
Do, 14.12.2023

Focus: The Digital and Electronic Industry
Customers, civil society and governments increasingly expect companies to conduct their business activities with respect for people and the environment. This is also the aim of the German Supply Chain Act. Although it directly only applies to companies with more than 1,000 employees, it also affects companies not under the scope that have a direct or indirect business relationship with them. Collaboration in the supply chain of those companies under the scope of the legislation and their suppliers is therefore of particular importance in order to identify, avoid and mitigate human rights and environmental risks.

The online seminar "Implementing human rights and environmental due diligence in the digital and electrical industries"  organised by UPJ, MVO Nederland and the Helpdesk on Business & Human Rights will shed light on the practical implementation of due diligence processes. The example of Camunda Services GmbH will show how a comprehensive risk analysis along the value chain and cooperation in the supply chain can be implemented in practice in the digital industry. The presentation will shed light on challenges and chances that emerge for companies not under the scope of the German Supply Chain Act doing business with the in-scope companies. Additionally, it will delve into the practical implementation of a due diligence mechanism within an IT company. The session will include a real-world example illustrating the due diligence process applied to a business partner of Camunda.

After the presentations, participants will have the opportunity to ask questions. You will furthermore receive information on how the CSR Risk Check supports companies in identifying and prioritising CSR risks in the supply chain.

You are interested in this online seminar? Then register by the 11th December 2023. Please note that only a limited number of places in the online seminar is available for service providers in the field of consultancy and communication on CSR and sustainable supply chain management.

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